Digital solutions strengthening food safety and traceability

The need for robust systems that ensure food safety and traceability in the food industry has never been higher as the sector looks to get a control of complex supply chains and shortages. In the modern era, digital solutions have become a necessity to provide safety and traceability for consumer confidence and health control.

Food safety and traceability are non-negotiable aspects of the food industry, playing a critical role in protecting consumer health. The recent reports of supply shortages have heightened the fear of shortcuts and this is when digital traceability is crucial to ensure safe practices are always followed.

There are 3 major challenges in ensuring safety and traceability:

  1. Supply Chain Complexity
  2. Data Fragmentation
  3. Manual processes and Human Error

However, all three can have a level of digital process attributed to them to help eradicate and control the process. The digital world is able to provide support with:

  1. Digitise data management – the ability to centralise all data, making it easier to collect, store and retrieve information and adding a greater level of accuracy.
  2. Supply chain visibility and transparency – digital can show the -end-to-end visibility, with tracking of ingredients and raw materials through to the finished product, hugely reducing risks.
  3. Automated Process – manual processes open up the issues of error far greater than automated tracking. Automated data is streamlined, ensuring faster response times, accuracy and improved communication.

As is clear, there are many benefits of having a digital process for health and safety, this is before the discussions of speed, accuracy and efficiency are explored.

If you are looking to improve your process and are contemplating how digital processes could benefit you at the same time as looking at your conveyor belting solutions, Chiorino’s team of Consultants can help you with the full end-to-end solution to ensure your facility is working to the most optimum level, in both output and safety.