HP® AM AntiMicrobial Food Belts

The Chiorino HP® Antimicrobial conveyor and process belts bring a new level of advancement to ensure food safety and hygiene. These belts incorporate cutting-edge antimicrobial properties that work against bacteria, paired with the premium features of the HP® line. By disrupting the formation of biofilm, the bacteriostatic action of the belts effectively prevents bacteria accumulation on the belt surface. Unlike belts with biocides like metallic ions that may migrate and contaminate food, HP® Antimicrobial belts do not contain such substances. They meet all the requirements set by EU and international food regulations. With HP® Antimicrobial belts, the risk of product recalls is minimized, and the chances of noncompliance during food safety inspections and audits by authorities are reduced.

Key benefits:

  • Strengthened food safety and hygiene measures
  • Elimination of food contamination
  • Prevention of product recalls
  • Part of the HP® Product System
  • Full compliance with EU and international food regulations