Eco-Friendly Ways To Reuse A Conveyor Belt

If you think about it, conveyor belts are a key element in pretty much any manufacturing site. They’re essential for transporting goods across or between buildings safely and efficiently. In fact, the Rubber Conveyor Belt Market size exceeded USD 3.4 billion in 2020 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

But what about when a conveyor belt comes to the end of its life or it’s no longer needed?

As the world becomes more eco-conscious than ever, reusing and recycling everything we can is becoming the norm. We’ll discuss environmentally friendly ways to reuse a conveyor belt to avoid it going to landfill.

Give It Away

It may sound obvious, but giving away a conveyor belt that’s no longer needed but isn’t at the end of it’s life is one of the easiest eco-friendly ways to reuse it.

Perhaps you’re upgrading your manufacturing line and are subsequently upgrading your belts. In this case, it’s a good idea to give your old conveyor belt a new home and a new lease of life, rather than sending it to landfill!

Turn It Into Flooring

If you’ve ever set foot on a muddy farm or a gravel construction site, it’s easy to imagine how difficult it could be to transport wheeled products and machines along such uneven terrain!

Repurposing an old conveyor belt (particularly one that’s no longer fit for purpose) and using it as flooring is a great (and useful!) way of helping the environment in a practical way, as it will allow wheels to move smoothly across the site.

Use As Shock Absorbers

Rubber is an ideal shock absorber and so conveyor belts can be used where such need is necessary. From wall-mounted shock absorbers on race tracks to spongy flooring in a childrens activity centre, rubber can be a great safety material if used purposely!

Use As A Wipable Surface

After a long day working on a muddy construction site, for example, the last things you’ll want to choose between are spending what feels like an age cleaning your boots, or leaving them and trudging dirt into your van!

Luckily, conveyor belts can be repurposed into matts for cars and vans and are ideal for not-so-ideal weather conditions, too, due to their smooth texture which allows them to be quickly and easily wiped clean.

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