All about our new DET mesh belts

At Chiorino, we pride ourselves on designing and creating products that perform to the highest possible standard without sacrificing reliability or safety. Our new DET mesh conveyor belts are no exception – like all of our products, they merge the latest in conveyor belt technology with precision engineering for a winning combination of efficiency and dependability.

Chiorino DET belts are mesh belts with fully metal detectable sealed edges, guides and profiles, providing an unparalleled level of food safety as well as risk minimisation in the event of damage. This helps to reduce waste and food contamination levels whilst also lessening the need for product recalls.  The DET range comes in a wide range of permeability ratings, with mesh openings from 1mm to 4mm, and are therefore suitable for a variety of food production applications including cooling, drying, washing and draining.

All of our mesh belts perform very strongly against spillages and wear and tear, resulting in an impressive service life and a surface that can be cleaned with ease, and their metal detectable sealed edges are highly resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. Chiorino DET mesh belts can also be supplied with metal detectable guides and profiles and your choice of stainless steel or non-metal fasteners. Furthermore, to ensure the highest level of safety possible for you and your produce, our DET mesh belts are fully compliant with the latest EU and FDA food regulations.

With over 100 years of experience, Chiorino are leaders in the production of high-quality handling solutions for a variety of industrial sectors around the world. To find out more about our extensive range of products, contact us today by calling us on 01977 691 880 or emailing our team at