The Latest from Chiorino’s Annual Convention

Chiorino held its annual convention at its headquarters in Biella, Italy during November. This was a fantastic opportunity for some of our UK team to get together with Chiorino companies from around the world and share experiences relating to products, applications and processes, as well as learn about the latest developments from Chiorino.

A 360-degree focus on food safety remained high on the agenda with discussions around new products launched and, those on the horizon, to provide maximum safety for food manufacturers. Other high priority brands were also discussed, such as the development of the DET range due its importance in risk reduction in the food industry. Outside of this, we reviewed exciting developments in Packaging, Materials Handling, Print, Paper, Corrugated and Textiles that we will see as we move into 2020.

The convention was very enjoyable and really did reflect the company values – results, experience, international character and innovation. With a focus around enhancing results by developing new products tailor-made to the customers’ needs and combining the experience of our teams around the world to drive growth and enhance quality, the convention encompassed these values from start to finish. 2020 will see Chiorino pushing new boundaries to continue to reflect all these values as we face new challenges in an ever-changing world.

We can’t wait to see the success the new year will bring and reveal our latest conveyor and transmission belt developments!