Three ways a detectable conveyor belt can improve food production

There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the food production process, but using the best possible equipment is a simple way to maximise efficiency and minimise risk. Here are three ways in which using a Chiorino detectable conveyor belt can help to improve your food production process:

  1. Superior detectability

Chiorino’s detectable conveyor belts offer far greater detectability than the average competitor. R&D analysis has shown that our DET line of detectable belts are able to recognise particles three times smaller than those detectable by competing belts. This ensures that the risk of food being contaminated is minimised, thereby lessening the chances of products needing to be recalled as well as providing a reduction in waste.

  1. Safer food production

In order to guarantee food safety, our detectable conveyor belts comply fully with EU and EC regulations, as well as with requirements set out by the FDA and the World Halal Authority. Furthermore, our belts are extremely resistant to bacteria and react well to a range of cleaning procedures and treatments, so maintaining hygiene standards is easy.

  1. Long service life

As well as being highly efficient and hygienic, Chiorino’s detectable conveyor belts are built to last. Our belts are made with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material known for its strength, ability to perform in a range of temperatures and its resistance to abrasion, oil and grease – perfect for coping with the potentially damaging ingredients and products used in food production. Using a Chiorino DET belt guarantees consistent, long-lasting high performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

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