The ultimate solution for production efficiency

Here at Chiorino, we are one of the leading suppliers for conveyor belts to food manufacturers worldwide. We know the value of hygiene and efficiency in production, especially in such a fast-paced industry like food manufacturing. Companies reputations could be diminished due to their products consistently being sent back due to hygiene concerns, not to mention the risk of their manufacturing chain collapsing due to persistent errors in the production process.

Therefore, we have developed the HP Compact Mini Drive which is specially engineered for small pulleys.

The Mini Drive is the ultimate solution for food positive drive belts featuring smaller tooth pitch which allows the belt to flex around small pulley diameters. This means that the gap between belts is a lot smaller and results in a smooth product transfer and increased production efficiency. It has completely transformed the way we manufacture food and it’s all down to the revolutionised design.

Made from Chiorino HP polyurethane, the belt can guarantee an entirely smooth transition and the HP polyurethane will prevent any cracks from appearing which could lead to bacteria proliferation. With a high resistance  to fats and oils left behind by food, it is possible to achieve maximum hygiene in food manufacturing.

Other great features which contribute to this fantastic product are its high speeds and bi-directional functionality, meaning whatever pace or direction, the HP Compact Mini Drive can deliver. The Mini Drive combines the benefits of positive drive belts in terms of maintenance and hygiene whilst also having the benefits of modular belts, meaning it can run on smaller diameters.

HP Compact Mini Drive

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about our HP Compact Mini Drive and how you and your business can benefit from its many features, don’t hesitate to give one of our team a call on 01977 691880 or email us at