Should Labelling Be Clearer?

Over the last few years, there has been a huge drive for more people to recycle, with the introduction of many initiatives and campaigns encouraging consumers to take responsibility for their waste.

Although progress has been made in increasing recycling efforts in the UK, many consumers are still confused about what they can and can’t recycle, particularly when it comes to food and drink packaging. This has led to Stuart Lendrum, head of packaging at Iceland, to challenge the current system and suggest new ways of labelling food and drink.

Currently food and drink manufacturers use a three-way system, with labels stating, ‘not yet recyclable’, ‘widely recyclable’ and ‘check locally’.  The lack of uniformity across recycling labels could be preventing some consumers from recycling, which is why a simpler labelling system that clearly states if packaging can or cannot be recycled has been put forward.

Consistency across labelling should not only apply to food and drink packaging but also to recycling communications from local authorities, which is what many people rely on. Having ongoing, coherent communication will ensure everyone is following the same process, which will eventually become habitual.

Any way that manufacturers or authorities can make consumers more engaged and increase awareness about their impact on the environment, the easier it will be to encourage more consumers to recycle. This is an on-going process which will need to continue evolving in order to produce the best outcome and make a real difference in the long-term.

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