Chiorino UK scores ‘Top Marks’

We are very happy to announce that Chiorino UK has once again received ‘top marks’ in our ISO audit! As a world-leading supplier of conveyor belts, we are always striving to be the best we can be. We are always working to ensure our customers have the highest quality products that will help reduce their production costs and save energy. Achieving and maintaining our ISO certification means our customers can have confidence in the products and service we provide.  


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was founded in 1946 as an independent, non-governmental organisation. It was responsible for unifying and coordinating industry standards across the globe to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. Today, members from 164 countries make up the ISO Committee.  These include experts from all industries including technology, food safety, agriculture and healthcare. We have been awarded the ISO certificate 9001 for Quality Management, 14001 for Environmental Management, and the updated 45001 for Health and Safety Management.  

To be granted the ISO 9001, a company must demonstrate they consistently provide products of quality and commitment to great customer service. ISO 14001 Environmental Management is given to those who display a continued effort to reduce their impact on the environment through decreased energy consumption, reusing resources and recycling as much as possible. This year we decided to upgrade our existing health and safety ISO certification to the new ISO 45001. This standard ensures the business is doing everything in their power to protect employees, and everyone who visits their workplace, from injury, illness or disease.  


Chiorino UK’s Managing Director, Carl Johnson, said “I am very pleased as we are the first branch in the Chiorino Group to achieve ISO 45001. It was a team effort!”  


We’d like to thank Standards Plus for their continued guidance and support in achieving these certifications. Chiorino has always aimed high to continually strengthen our quality and customer experience for over 100 years. For more advice on how we can help you give us a call on 01977 691880 or contact us here