Build a Safe Workplace Environment in the Manufacturing Industry

According to the recent statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, 30.7 million days are lost annually due to workplace illness or injury. Of the 62,000 non-fatal injuries that happen in the UK manufacturing sector each year, 24% occur during manual handling. Accidents in the workplace have been steadily decreasing over the last few decades, and fatal injuries are no longer common. However, accidents at work are still frequent and should be treated as a very real concern for employers and employees. Here are some points to consider when trying to build a safe work environment in the manufacturing industry.  

Implementing easy to follow safety procedures and consistently reinforcing these through regular staff training is the best way to make sure safety is a priority. This will limit the misuse of tools and machinery, as well as ensure proper safety equipment is used. It will also increase the likelihood that potential threats to safety will be reported quicker and therefore, prevented. 

To avoid back injuries, employees should be aware of proper manual handling procedures. Highly repetitive motions should also be avoided where possible. Mechanical aids such as conveyor belts, wheelbarrows or forklifts have significantly reduced the need to lift items by hand. Conveyor belts are a faster, more efficient, and easy way to transport products from one place to another without the need for heavy lifting.  

The introduction of automation in the manufacturing industry has also helped reduce other more dangerous aspects of the job. The handling of hazardous chemicals, extreme temperatures or other physical hazards has now been taken over by robotic pick and place systems 

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