UK Adults Admit They “Could Do More” Recycling

Following current efforts to combat waste, research conducted by packaging provider DS Smith, suggests that the UK will fall short of its 2035 recycling targets by more than 10 years. It also revealed that UK adults could do more when it comes to recycling, and perhaps are not as informed as they should be.

The report highlighted the way consumer behaviour has impacted recycling due to an increase in online shopping, and therefore packaged goods, with 1.9 billion parcels being delivered to doors in the UK each year. With the UK now being the third largest B2C e-commerce market in the world, the number of parcels being delivered are predicted to grow by over 50% in the next decade.

49% of adults admitted in the report’s YouGov poll that they could be doing more for the planet when it comes to recycling. Clearer labels were a possible factor contributing to this figure as 34% said that if products had more specific labelling about recycling, they would be encouraged to recycle more.

The report deemed the UK’s recycling infrastructure as “nearing overload” due to the fact that it was put in place before the e-commerce era. The lack of investment along with no new policy to tackle the growing issue of plastic pollution and waste means that the UK sits 16th on the scale of developed nations and their overall recycling figures.

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