Chiorino UK Look Forward to IFFA

At Chiorino, we’re always looking for opportunities to meet new people and grow our business’s name within the industry. Over the years, we’ve attended a number of exhibitions and networking events in which we have met some of our most treasured and long-serving clients. This year, we’re incredibly excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at IFFA between the 4th – 9th May.

The exhibition will take place in Frankfurt, Germany over the course of 5 days and aims to bring together industry players from retail trade to packaging, to refining and sales. Based entirely around the meat industry, IFFA receives over 63,000 visitors every single year. 67% of this number travel to Germany from other countries, which illustrates the scale and quality of the exhibition.

As leaders in the conveyor belt industry working with many global food brands, growth and development are important parts of our business, and as IFFA is the number one meat industry event, we know this will be a great opportunity to showcase our company. The exhibition will not only allow us to meet new people but to show the thousands of visitors what we can offer to meat manufacturing and food production companies.

There are over a thousand exhibitors, coming from more than 50 different countries around the world, specifically for this fantastic event. We’re incredibly eager to show what our belts can offer for meat production companies. For example, our 100% food hygiene guarantee for ultimate product safety – a necessity when it comes to creating and handling food.

Not only are our belts able to provide a high-level of hygiene, they are also easy to clean due to their non-stick technology, which again is paramount in achieving a certain level of cleanliness and maintaining high standards in factories. We look forward to IFFA and hope to meet and make new friends over the 5-day event. Stay tuned to our Twitter page for updates!

For more information on any of our products or to find out more about IFFA, contact us today on 01977 691880.