Allergy Concerns Cause 40% Increase in Food Recalls

Since 2018 the UK has seen a dramatic increase in food recalls due to the mislabelling of products. The increase comes after the Food Standards Agency released a report suggesting that businesses take extra caution when labelling their produce, for the safety of consumers.

The consultation came after the tragic news of a young girl who died due to eating a sandwich that didn’t state the potential risks and allergenic products contained within it. However, the law stated that as the food was prepared on site, it did not require them to do this. The FSA began a consultation around their guidance on food traceability, withdrawals and recalls.

Recalls can severely damage a manufacturer’s reputation, losing profits and business. Following the teen’s death, more emphasis is being placed on companies to consider their labelling efforts carefully during the manufacturing process. Accuracy is essential within food manufacturing.

Allergies aren’t the only reason for food recalls. Contamination can result in products becoming unsafe to eat, which can cause illness, leading to complaints and reputation damage. There are several ways in which you can avoid this. Investing in a high-quality food safety belt is one of them.

Chiorino’s HP belts offer 100% food safety thanks to their homogeneous polymeric materials which means that fats and oils aren’t left behind. Because of this, our HP belts are easy to clean which prevents products from becoming contaminated by left over produce in conjunction with appropriate cleaning regimes.

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