4 Manufacturing Benefits of HP Drive Belts

The manufacturing industry can become hectic at times and thus, more stressful for workers. With an increasing demand in fields such as food manufacturing and the packaging industry to consider their environmental impacts, efficiency is essential to stay on track and avoid mistakes.

In certain areas of the manufacturing industry, pressure is placed on business owners when it comes to hygiene and accuracy. For example, contamination within food manufacturing could potentially lead to product recalls and reputation damage. Because of the high risk, practices must be put in place which ensure that mistakes like contamination do not occur.

Chiorino’s range of HP Drive Belts offer a number of benefits for the manufacturing industry. To narrow it down, we’ve listed just four below…

  • 100% Food Safety – HP COMPACT® is best in class in the field of homogeneous conveyor and process belts – smooth or positive drive – assuring total hygiene. Alongside its non-stick technology, HP belts have no cracks or fissures to the coverings thanks to the high chemical resistance to fats and oils such as palm and coconut oils. When manufacturing food products, hygiene should be the top priority. The accuracy that HP belts offer allows companies the peace of mind that their products are safe for consumers.
  • Long Service Life – There’s nothing more inconvenient in the workplace than a faulty or broken machine. It destroys productivity. Luckily, our HP belts have a guaranteed long service life and high-reliability due to their superior flexibility and high-end technology. Hydrolysis resistant, our belts are able to withstand even the most vigorous of cleaning processes.
  • Resistance – Superior resistance to washing and sanitising thanks to the HP product system and totally homogeneous polymeric materials.
  • Energy Efficient – The Government are constantly placing pressure on businesses to consider how efficient their processes are and the impact they have on the planet. With easy to clean technology, HP belts require less downtime during maintenance processes and provide up to 60% water savings over other products when considering cleaning regimes.

Chiorino are market leaders in the manufacturing of conveyor belts. If you’ve got a question for us about any of our products, feel free to contact us today on 01977 691880.