Why Choose the HP Compact Drive Belt?

Chiorino offer a wide range of high-quality conveyor belts, to benefit a variety of industries throughout the country. Our dedication to efficiency and great value for money is what makes us one of the leading conveyor belt suppliers in the area. This month, we wanted to focus on one of our most popular conveyor models, the HP Compact Drive Belt.

So, why should manufacturers choose this belt?

  • Cost Efficient – The lower tension of this belt means that it is resistant to cracking, misalignment and mechanical stress, saving time and money on maintenance and repairs. Time is money, so the less complications, the smoother your business can run. The belt also requires 50% less energy to power and 60% less water for cleaning.
  • Food Hygiene – Designed for ultimate food safety, the HP Compact Drive Belt offers total hygiene for food and consumable products. It’s excellent resistance to bacteria proliferation and cleaning procedures means that there are very minimal chances of food contamination that could lead to recalls. Its non-stick properties also prevent fats and oils from being left behind for other foods to pick up.
  • Easy to Maintain – As previously mentioned, the HP Compact Drive Belt requires 60% less water than the average modular belt, meaning that cleaning time is cut dramatically. This isn’t just beneficial for maintenance purposes but efficiency too, as it means less downtime for the belt. The HP Compact Drive belt has superior resistance to hydrolysis so no matter how many times you clean it, it will still feel and look brand new.

If you’d like to learn more about the HP Compact Drive or any of our other conveyor belts, please do not hesitate to call a member of our team today on 01977 691880.