Chiorino’s Impact on Baggage Handling

Our dedication to clients allows us to be placed as one of the leading conveyor belt suppliers in the country. Our high-quality belts are manufactured in-house and installed by experienced engineers, meaning we can provide the best service possible. With decades of experience, our team pride themselves on fantastic customer service, excellent products and value for money.

Although Summer has come to an end, it is an extremely busy time for many industries and is seen as the peak period for airports in particular, where holiday goers utilise the Summer holidays to jet off to hot destinations for a well-deserved rest after a long few months of work. However, airports are busy all year round, and with a constant stream of travellers, this can be very stressful for airport employees as services must always be up to the highest standards .

Chiorino work with a number of airports throughout the country, providing high-quality process belts to a large number of baggage handling sectors. For baggage handling employees, conveyor belts are extremely important for the efficient running of their jobs. With thousands of bags and suitcases passing through every hour, there’s no room for mistakes.

We are constantly developing our technology, to identify new ways in which we can make our clients’ jobs easier and more efficient. Prior to conveyor belts, passengers would be required to collect their luggage from carts on arrival at their destination, which was an extremely time-consuming process and often led to loss and theft of items.

Chiorino produces energy saving conveyor belts that are able of meet the growing demand for reliability, safety and fast handling of all types of baggage, from check-in to loading into the luggage hold. Our wide range of belts satisfy all application needs, whilst ensuring high-quality performance in full compliance with International Safety Standards.

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