How to successfully transport sticky foods

One of the difficulties many confectionery manufacturers face when producing and packaging their products is stickiness. When in a warm environment, confectionery, such as gelatin-based or boiled sweets, can become sticky and latch themselves onto surfaces, like conveyor belts. These can remain there until removed manually – which can be a time-consuming task if dealing with large quantities.

Not only is this a time-consuming process, it can also lead to product loss as well as product defects meaning there is a higher likelihood the products will not pass quality control. This can all result in loss of profits. As a food manufacturer, your reputation is everything and therefore avoiding product recalls is the key.

However, it’s not just confectionery producers that experience these issues. An extensive variety of food products can exhibit sticky or oily characteristics. Food products made of sugar or starches are inherently sticky and have a tendency to hold fast to the conveyor belt.

Chiorino manufacture many different conveyor belt options for food manufacturing, that ensure high levels of hygiene and resistance, one being the HP Compact Drive belt. Manufactured to ensure 100% food safety, this belt is the perfect option for confectionery companies as it is extremely efficient and preserves product quality.

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