Conveyor Belt Usage in Sports and Leisure

The supply of conveyor belts stretches across many more industries than a lot of people assume. Whilst they are known for heavy usage in airports or in meat and food manufacturing, another industry that benefits from the manufacturing and supply of conveyor belts is the Sports and Leisure industry.

Sports and Leisure in the UK represents sectors that are worth billions to the economy, and so our responsibility in serving gyms, recreational centres and training facilities with high quality belts is very important. Below, we have created brief explanations of where conveyor belts come in useful in different aspects of the Sports and Leisure industries.

  1. Treadmills

The most popular piece of sporting equipment where conveyor belts are likely to be found, Chiorino’s belts are designed to withstand impact and abrasions as well as sustaining continuous movement. This makes them ideal for installation on treadmills, as they are under constant rotation and impact when in use.

  1. Belt and Pulley Machinery

Gyms and sporting facilities often contain machinery or equipment that requires the user to move blocked weights using a handle or mechanism of some form. In order for the transition to happen smoothly, there are pieces of equipment that use a belt and pulley mechanism to complete the transition.

  1. Aqua-Gym

Mobility rehabilitation facilities often make use of aqua-gym equipment to help athletes and the injured recover from wounds that have affected their mobility. Some equipment in these facilities require the ability to be used underwater and, in many cases, they will come equipped with conveyor belts. Chiorino’s responsibility here is to supply the equipment installer or manufacturer with our water-resistant conveyor belts. In addition to the water-resistant quality, the belts will have to retain all the properties that are expected of belts installed within treadmills too.

These are just a few examples of how Chiorino’s products are necessary within the Sport and Leisure industries. As a leading supplier of conveyor belts nationwide, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are providing industries with efficient and high-quality equipment. To find out more about the products we manufacture and supply, you can find our contact details below:

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