The Impact HP Compact & Compact Drive Belts Have on Food Manufacturers

Specialising in the food industry means that your reputation is everything. The slightest hiccup could lead to dire consequences for your business. A tarnished name due to complaints of hygiene or food recalls could be the difference between thriving and losing profits and falling to the bottom of the business food chain.

Hygiene is crucial in a food environment. It determines whether your produce is safe for consumers or not, and if one tested piece isn’t, there’s a chance the whole batch will be recalled. There are several measures a company can take to ensure 100% safe hygiene in their factories, some more complex than employees just washing their hands.

The HP Compact and Compact Drive Belts provide food safety features, to ensure all products meet the highest of standards in line with our 360 total safety solutions. These belts are designed and manufactured to provide reliability and efficiencies to aid production and hygiene in a fast moving, but highly critical production process involving process and packing of food products in today’s high-pressure production environment.

These belts are renowned for their design, using the Chiorino HP product system which allows them to resist fats, oils & other food products which may cause issues with conveyor belting products.  As well as this, the belts are made to resist the toughest cleaning procedures. This translates to a product that will not crack or deform following rigorous cleaning regimes in line with today’s hygiene requirements. This is the Chiorino offer in homogeneous conveyor and process belting overcoming hygienic & technical limits food producer experience from other belt manufacturers.

When considering hygiene measures it is important that best practices are maintained within the food environment. It’s key that everyone understands the importance of safety when it comes to manufacturing edible produce, and the effects it can have on the company and brand if anything was to go wrong.

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