Chiorino’s Impact on Factories & Warehouses

When working within the packaging industry, deadlines can be the make or break of your business. How you approach tasks and challenges, reflects your dedication to the services and products you are providing. When it comes to factories and warehouses, efficiency is key to ensuring all endeavours are successful, as it’s very easy to fall behind on time management.

Warehouses and factories work within a ‘domino effect’ environment – this means that every attribute to a task (no matter how big or small) counts. A simple malfunction at any point during the process of a product can have a knock-on-effect on the rest of the company. For example, a faulty conveyor belt can slow down the process of packaging and effectively lose time, money and risk the possible contamination of products. It’s crucial that this is dealt with ASAP, especially if your company specialises in food or drink, as contaminated goods can serve a massive issue.

It’s understandable that no task is easy when working within a large factory or warehouse. Deadlines and quality checks can be extremely stressful for staff if they lack support from their machinery.

Chiorino are able to offer a number of specialised belt types. One of these belts being friction, whilst another, vacuum. These belts are commonly used in Vertical Form-Fill Sealers. In it’s simplest form, these belts support machines that fill bags quickly, with little to no stopping.

Our belts support various packaging types, such as plastic, metalized foil/film, paper and fabric products. These are particularly used in food, dairy, seeds, fertilisers and pharmaceutical companies.

The worst thing that can happen during the process of a packaging job is a conveyor belt malfunction, as this can cause the whole job to come to a halt. The benefit of Chiorino’s belts are that they offer extended life, so show very little risk of breaking or malfunctioning, as well as lowering abrasion properties. All of which result in the saving of time and money within your company.

For more information on Chiorino’s belts and how they can increase the efficiency of your factory or warehouse, call us today on 01977 691880.