Chiorino are always evolving

One thing that makes Chiorino a world leader in the production of conveyor and transmission belts is the focus on continuous innovation and development. Chiorino are always looking for ways to improve systems and processes with the aim of ensuring the best possible services are provided to clients. Because of this, our UK office has recently launched a new Chiorino Intranet to provide a private and efficient group network for Chiorino employees.

Following a review of the old system, we felt the system was restrictive and therefore wanted to implement a solution which was more accessible to all and allowed for everything to be in one place. The new intranet will house many functions including marketing, company products and applications, sales corporate reporting and central workshop technology. It will also be accessible from all devices for all staff.

We are always looking at ways to evolve and make our way of working more efficient and we are therefore extremely happy with our latest solution. This increase in efficiency will not only make our employees jobs easier but this will also filter down to making our service better for clients which is always our priority.

If you’d like to find out more about our services and belts, give us a call today on 01977 691 880.