Chiorino invest in new machinery

This month at Chiorino, we’ve introduced our team to a new Ply Separator machine. These machines improve quality and efficiency by helping split very thin belts which are difficult to cut – saving time and money. The Ply Separator is used to cut in between the plies of a conveyor belt. This cutting action is often required in preparation before splicing a belt with a splice press.

The features of the Ply machine have many benefits including easy depth adjustment and excellent repeatability. The Ply is also safe and convenient with a durable structure.

Another great advantage of this ply separator is that it can precisely split as deep as 130 mm in one action. This is especially helpful when splitting very thin belts or belts where the material is difficult to cut, like with thin PU belts. This new machine is going to be extremely helpful for Chiorino in saving time and money by increasing efficiency, making it a valuable investment.

At Chiorino, we are constantly on the look out for worthy endeavours and new opportunities to aid us in increasing our efficiency. We want to continue thriving as a conveyor belt company and continue to provide the best service to a range of industries. If you’d like to find out more about our services and belts, give us a call today on 01977 691 880.