Chiorino UK Renew Featherstone Rovers Sponsorship

Chiorino UK have recently renewed their sponsorship with local professional rugby league football club, Featherstone Rovers for the 2018 season.

Founded 115 years ago, Featherstone Rovers have won the challenge cup three times in 1967, 1973 and 1983, and were league champions in 1977. Being popular amongst locals in Featherstone, Featherstone Rovers attract thousands to each home and away game, raking in an incredible amount of money in ticket sales and merchandise.

Chiorino UK’s sponsorship package includes player sponsorship, being Ian Hardman, as well as a player graphic and full player advertising.

2018 will also see stadium renovations for the local rugby team, adding pitch sideboards of either 5m x 1.2 or 10m x 1.2m to allow the announcements and sponsorships on screen to stand out more on TV channels such as Sky Sports and Rovers TV.  These electronic screens will also allow a better view and help create a more professional looking stadium, in turn promoting the team.

With our UK head office in Featherstone, we are always looking to promote local teams in the area which is why we continue to support Featherstone Rovers and wish them the best of luck in the new season!

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