What industries are our conveyor belts used in?

At Chiorino we produce conveyor belts for many different industries including, food, packaging and textiles. As well as these sectors, we also supply belts to airports, for material handling and cutting and punching. Here is a look at these latter three industries in more detail:


Belts are an integral part of any airport system. The belts we supply are used throughout the world for baggage handling and ensure that customers’ check in bags and cases get safely from check-in to the hold of the plane, and finally into the luggage reclaim at the destination airport. Chiorino belts are also used for aircraft loading and unloading and in security systems, for example during the X-raying of hand luggage.

Material handling

Chiorino belts are frequently used for material handling, providing a safe and reliable way of transporting all kinds of material goods quickly and reliably. Our conveyor and transmission belts are routinely used in supermarkets as well as mail distribution centres and a variety of warehouses. Advantages of our belts in this area are that they are quiet to run, have a long service life and have low energy consumption.

Cutting and punching

Another area where conveyor belts are used is for the cutting of various materials such as fabric, plastic, and automotive accessories. Chiorino supply conveyor belts with laser cutting and blade cutting technology to many leading manufacturers worldwide. A number of our belts can also be used for punching, moulding and stamping these materials too.

Chiorino is a leading producer of conveyor belts across a wide range of industries. We supply a variety of different belts including conveyor and process belts, power transmission belts, seamless rubber belts and timing belts. For further details about any of our products please contact us on 01977 691 880.