FMCG industry shows 2.9% growth in UK

Information specialists, Nielsen have released a report which shows that the UK grocery market has recorded a 2.9% growth year on year, with the European market growing at the fastest rate in three years.

Sales of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in the UK were further boosted by a 3.8% rise in prices paid by consumers in the second quarter of this year, despite a 0.9% drop in purchases.

According to the report, there were four key areas which have led to this increase year on year. These are:

  • An improvement of economic conditions (particularly in France and Spain)
  • Falling levels of unemployment across Europe, particularly in key countries
  • Greater levels of consumer confidence across the board
  • Inflation levels becoming more under control

The European figure of growth is more promising in some countries, like Turkey, which recorded a 14% increase, however across every European nation, there was a level of growth. As a result, companies can now, with confidence, look at ways to get a competitive edge and invest in their businesses for a brighter future.

One way that businesses could do this is by investing in good conveyor systems which can significantly improve the production rate, giving them a speed and perhaps cost-based competitive edge.

In addition, a new conveyor belt can improve health and safety in the working environment, which can help businesses fall in line with tougher new regulations. A new conveyor will also reduce the risk of downtime caused by malfunctions or maintenance which could be invaluable in helping a business further improve over the coming years.

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