Chiorino team up with RoSPA

At Chiorino UK, we take health and safety very seriously. We not only design and manufacture our belts to provide the highest health and safety standards, we also regularly carry out assessments to ensure all our staff, and the public are protected.

Because of this, we recently teamed up with RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) to ensure all our drivers have a satisfactory level of driving. Since 1917, RoSPA have been committed to preventing accidents in the UK and around the world through providing a range of training courses.

With traffic accidents accounting for almost half of all accidental deaths in Britain, and the largest single cause of death and injury to young adults, we believe that Chiorino has a responsibility to ensure that all our vehicle drivers have the correct level of skill and drive to a high standard on the road, with safety always in mind.

Known for working with multi-national organisations throughout the UK, RoSPA’s safety training course and driver assessment provides a thorough and honest evaluation of a driver’s skills, with a view of topping them up with further training if required.

Chiorino has a duty of care for all its vehicle drivers and therefore investing in their continued driver training, as well as promoting safe driving is extremely important to us.