The Chiorino Range

Chiorino have been in operation for over 100 years. This has been a constant process of evolution for us as we strive to improve our services and products. Through natural steps we have found ourselves with a comprehensive range of industry leading belts. In this post we thought we would outlay each of our ranges, and what they are suitable for.

HP – the newly developed HP range is fantastic for the food processing industry. Thanks to its unique makeup it is highly resistant to cracking from repeated washes. The HP material comes in both Compact and Micro drive versions.

DET – the DET range is one of the most highly detectable belts available. As well as coming in a distinctive colour, it is up to 300% more detectable than rivals thanks to its unique properties, ensuring total food safety and reducing waste.

FD – the Food Duty belt is one of the toughest belts we do. It has a polyurethane cover which makes it extremely hard wearing a suitable for the most demanding of food processing. The cover means they have a resistance to cutting and wear that other belts simply cannot rival.

DU – The DU polyurethane folder gluer belts are specifically designed for aseptic packagings for food and pharmaceutical use. They are fully EU and FDA compliant and are available both with Polyester and Polyamide traction core.

X-Motion – the X-motion is a newly designed printing blanket which is designed to guarantee total printing accuracy for textile, ceramic, paper and wood printing. As the specialist material eliminates retentioning and setting adjustments there are fewer maintenance risks and less downtime overall.

PB – the Chiorino PB blankets have a special TPU covering which is a breakthrough innovation which combines precision, high chemical & temperature resistance, and excellent compressibility to achieve optimum printing results and long service life.

HS – this belt is a unique high performing elastomer which guarantees an outstanding performance and a long service life for nearly any application. It features high abrasion resistance, excellent resilience, long service life which leads to an optimized cost of ownership.

PR – the PT range features fast joint thermoplastic machine tapes. This means that it offers excellent properties in performance and reliability, as well as ease of replacement in the paper and printing industry.

MF – the MF range is a multi-range belt with a high performing elastomer which offers outstanding performance and a long service life.

To find out more about any of our range just call us on 01977 691 880 and we’d be happy to talk.