Choose HP for Anti-Allergen Food Production

When producing food where the lack of allergens is of paramount importance, you need a belt that you can rely on. When literal lives are at stake there can be no chance of cross contamination, which means that regular sanitization is paramount.

However, most belting materials do not last well when they are put through regular deep washes. In our experience most belts start to crack and warp, and then become the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. But the HP belt has been designed to be able to take the most thorough of deep cleaning, including steam cleaning. This ensures there is no risk of cross contamination.

But resistance to continuous cleaning and drying is not the only benefit you get from the HP belt. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures without warping or distorting. They are also resistant to fats and oils.

The above points combined equals a belt which has a long and effective working life, this allows you to operate issue free while maintaining the highest standard of total food safety, making the HP Belt perfect for allergen free food operation.

Chiorino have been in operation for over 100 years. We are a truly international organisation, with our head offices in Italy, and branches all over the globe. We invest heavily in R&D to make sure that all our products are at the forefront of belting technology. We also speak to our clients regularly, by doing so we can ensure that develop materials and products that our clients actually need.

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