Where Does Your Luggage Go?

Chiorino conveyor belts find their way into some surprising places. We have produced and supplied belts to all kinds of factories and facilities. But, when most people think of conveyor belts their first thought is of a supermarket checkout.

However, checkouts account for a tiny amount of what we do at Chiorino. The majority of our belts end up in production facilities of some sort, with food production being one of the largest. Another industry we supply to is airports.

Airports use conveyor belts in extensive and very clever ways. From the moment you slide your bag onto the weighing area, to the time it gets reunited with you your bag takes quite the journey. Most of this journey actually takes place on a series of intricate and specially made conveyor belts.

A large international airport recently made a ‘bags eye view’ of the journey a bag takes from the moment you drop it off, to the moment it gets loaded onto the plane. It makes for an interesting watch, and shows some extremely comprehensive usage of conveyor belts.

Watch the video below for a peak into something most people don’t get to see.