How can the Chiorino HP Material Benefit You?

We often speak about the practical properties of the HP material Chiorino has developed. The main two are its resistance to repeated washing, and that it can be run on a micro drive system. These two properties alone make it ideal for the foods industry, but how exactly?

The material has been developed to be resistant to repeated washing. What this means is that it will not crack and split like other belting materials. The cracks and splits that appear in other belting materials are the perfect place for bacteria to grow, lowering the hygiene standards of the belt.

This means that regular belts have to be replaced more often, which means more expense for the client.

Also, the ability to run it on a micro drive means that there is a much smaller transfer point between belts, this makes for a more consistent layout and transference of food products. This means that fewer errors occur and there is less wastage and downtime. Thus, saving you even more expense.

This, when it’s all boiled down, is the main advantages that the HP materiel brings. Reduced downtime due to errors and less frequent replacements due to cleaning resistance. It also means that your belts and can be cleaned more thoroughly and more often, ensuring that you are in constant accordance with food safety regulations.

To find out more about the HP material then just call Chiorino on 01977 691 880. All out staff are friendly and experienced, and will be more than happy to talk you through the many benefits of the HP belting system.