Chiorino Team Up With MCTM

Chiorino have recently started collaborating with OEM conveyor manufacturers MCTM to provide a complete food safety conveyor system like no other.

Using our HP compact drive, and the specialist built conveyors we are now able to provide systems that are tailored perfectly for food production and processing.

Our HP belts are an industry revolution. The specially developed material is extremely resistant to repeated washing. Where a normal belt would dry out and crack, the HP material will undertake thousands of washes before it starts to deform and split.

These deformations and cracks are the bane of the food industry, as they are the perfect place for bacterial growth, and will quickly render a belt below food safety standards.

As we wanted to provide the ultimate package for the food industry we started working with MCTM to produce conveyors. This specialist manufacturer produced conveyors built around the HP and HP Compact drive belts. This new system has been dubbed the ‘Easy Clean Food system’.

Built with total food safety and best operational practices in mind, the system will ensure the highest standards possible of cleanliness, while subsequently reducing water usage and maintenance downtime.

The result is a conveyor system like no other, which can outperform any other in its class. To find out more, watch this video.

To find out more about this new system just call Chiorino on 01977 691 880.