Chiorino Invests in New Slicing Presses

One thing that sets Chiorino apart from other belting suppliers is our constant drive to develop and improve. We also aim to manufacture as much as we can in-house. The only time we outsource is to our head office in Italy, and that is only because they have a few bits of kit in their facility, that we don’t have. Yet.

However, we want to to be able to deliver a complete service from our facility in Featherstone. This is why Chiorino have recently invested in five state of the art ‘on site’ splicing presses. The first one, an Aero 2135 arrived last week. The new Aero Generation 3 presses reduce cycle times, helping to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. All the presses can now be pre-programmed with the ability to set independent temperatures of top and bottom heating elements to ensure optimal splice for up to 900 different materials.

What this means is that Chiorino can now deliver more, higher quality, goods out of our facility in the UK. This cuts down on lead times, and makes sure that your belts get to you quicker than ever before. It also means that the finish of these belts will be to a better standard, due to the capabilities of the press.

All the engineers at Chiorino are fully trained on their specific stations. This means they spend time learning the machines, and the way the belts respond to them. This ultimately leads to us having a team of craftsmen building the belts, as opposed to a team of ‘jack-of-all-trades’. We know that the team here can’t wait for the new presses to arrive, so they can get to work on them and see what they are capable of.

to find out more about our latest investment, or about any of the belts that Chiorino supplies, just call us on 01977 691 880.