Product Highlight – DET Range

The primary concern of food processing facilities is total food safety. This is why a huge amount of effort is put on making equipment and personnel as safe, clean and hygienic as possible.

We like to shout that all our belts are extremely resistant to repeated, deep washes. This means they can be removed often and cleaned thoroughly while resisting break-down far better than many of our rivals.

However bacteria is just one element of safety in food production. The other is foreign objects. There are many systems in place which work to detect foreign objects in food. One of these systems is a metal detector which scans the food at one, or various, points of the production process.

However, an often-overlooked factor is the belt itself. Though we produce our belts to be resistant to wear and breakages, we like to cover all eventualities. If a belt was to break down then the pieces of belt could contaminate the food and pass undetected. This could then go on to cause a recall or worse, impact somebodies health.

This is why we developed our DET Range of belts.

When constructing these belts we inject tiny metal particles which are detectable via the metal detectors on the process line. We make sure that these particles are fine, and are spread evenly throughout the surface of the belt. This means that no matter how small the piece of belt is that breaks off, it would be picked up by the metal detectors and thus guarantees safe food production and prevents product recalls.

They also feature all of the benefits of our regular belts, such as increased resistance to washing, and protection against breakdown from abrasion and fats & oils.

If you would like to learn more about our DET belts, or any of our products then just give us call on 01977 691 880.