Chiorino Develops Low Friction Belt

Supplying belts to the food processing industry is always incredibly tricky. There are often opposing demands placed on a belt depending on where it will be used. Then behind all the technical requirements there is the hygiene standards which constantly need to be adhered to.

One product we are particularly proud of at Chiorino is the 2M6 U0-U2 HR W belt. The 2M6 U0-U2 HR W belt answers a lot of requirements that arise from the bakery and confectionary industry. The products are often warm, viscous or sticky. Because of this they must be handled on a belt which releases them easily.

To tackle this specific problem Chiorino developed a belt which has a matte surface. This matte texture comes from the specialist Chiorino Micro-PN texture. This slightly rough and dimpled surface ensures a perfect balance between holding the goods in place, but releasing them with little-to-no residue at the end of the process.

This has several obvious advantages. The first being that it cuts down on wastage and allows for reduced operational cost. It also ensures a greater product consistency, and less time required for cleaning. All of these can increase productivity and decrease cost.

Also, the 2M6 U0-U2 HR W belt benefits from all the technologies that Chiroino has developed. This includes frayless materials and excellent resistance to fats, oils and washing. All of which increase the efficiency and life of the product.

To find out more about the 2M6 U0-U2 HR W belt, or any of Chiorino’s products or services just call us on 01977 691 880.