Chiorino Develop Glossy Surface Belt

Chiorino have developed a new belt specifically aimed at the food processing market. The 2M6 U0-U2 GS W features a specialist glossy surface which lends itself perfectly to common issues found in the food processing industry.

When handling vast numbers of products accuracy and efficiency are of the highest priority. An error, no matter how small, could go on to create a number of issues, all of which would halt or interrupt production. Any interruption would ultimately cost time and money.

In these situations, every advantage helps, which is why we developed the 2M6 U0-U2 GS W belt. With its glossy surface, it literally grips any food stuffs on it which allows for precise positioning, and a better hold on those food stuffs, which in turn increases efficiency.

However, this is one small aspect of what makes this belt special. The 2M6 U0-U2 GS W is a frayless belt which means there is no food contamination from foreign objects and bacteria. Also it is highly resistant to fats and oils, both of which are notorious for creating issues in food production.

It is also highly resistant to abrasion. Again, this lends itself to being a hygienic belt as there will be no cracks or splits to harbour bacteria.

If you would like to learn more about the 2M6 U0-U2 GS W belt, or any of the products or services Chiorino offers just call us on 01977 691 880.