Chiorino to Exhibit at Interpack

Being a truly international company Chiorino exhibit at various trade shows around the world. In May we will be travelling to Dusseldorf, Germany, to exhibit at the 2017 Interpack show.

These exhibitions are a fantastic way for us to get in front of current and potential clients to discuss our products. We truly believe in the range of belts and materials that we supply, and sometimes the written word simply does not do them justice. At tradeshows like this we can speak to people face to face. It also allows people to handle the belts, to see and feel for themselves what sets us apart.

Exhibitions also give us a chance to get us face to face with the users of our products. This gives us a chance to discuss any feedback our users have, and plan any further developments we might make to our products.

At this trade show we will be taking belts specifically aimed at the food market. These are:

  • HACCP Conveyor and process belts
  • HACCP Round polyurethane belts
  • MF Vertical Form Fill Sealer belts
  • Timing belts

Chiorino’s new HP Belts are set to revolutionise the roles that belts play in the food industry. We spoke to a range of current clients to find out what their greatest issues were. We learned that due to constant in-situ cleaning belts often cracked and split. These cracks are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, thus making belts drop below the minimum standard hygiene levels.

We developed our HP Belts to directly tackle this problem. These belts use a specialist material which is very resistant to the frequent washing and drying that food processing requires. They can go through a huge number of in-situ washes without ever developing cracks or splits.

Chiorino will be exhibiting in Hall 4 on Stand A54. Feel free to pop by and speak about our HP belts, or any of our products. To find out more about the exhibition, or any of our products just call us on 01977 691 880.