Chiorino Invests in New Machinery

We often speak about how we invest in and encourage our staff to develop and grow, but that is not all we develop at Chiorino. We constantly strive to provide better products and services to all our clients. This means we are always reviewing our processes, and the equipment we use, at the Chiroino factory.

This is why we recently invested in a new punching machine.

Our old punching machine, while perfectly serviceable, was simply dated being 25 years old, and we knew there was now better machinery available. This lead us to conducting a lot of research, and speaking to a range of manufacturers before finally settling on the hole punching machine that we did.

The new punching machine is much more accurate and efficient than our old one, which will increase productivity and help us provide a better service to all our clients.

The new punching machine is hand made by a company that purely builds machines for the conveyor belt market. This means that we can be assured of its quality and practicality. It is fully automated and can read CAD drawings, which again increases productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

Chiorino is at the cutting edge of conveyor belt technology. We are in a constant state of development and improvement. For us reviewing and improving our practices and equipment is a daily task which is at the forefront of all our engineers minds.

To find out more about our new investment, or to find out about any of the products or services that Chiorino offers simply call us on 01977 691 880.