Product Highlight – HS High Performing Elastomer

Our HS High Performing Elastomer is a new development for Chiorino, and it lends itself perfectly to the paper, printing and wood industries.

This is because, thanks to its technical properties, it is ideal for vacuum conveying, which is often used in paper, printing and wood processing. This belt has a 3 ply construction, which gives it excellent planarity. This assures perfect product position, and a huge reduction is slippage.

A solid positioning and a reduction in slippage both massively reduce downtime, which increases your efficiency. More efficiency equals reduced operational costs.

The HS cover on this belt has been developed to be highly resistant to abrasions and wear. This means the belt has a much longer service life, which again helps reduce operating costs. A single Z Finger Joint means that this belt can be made endless with maximum ease.

We always keep the end user on our mind when developing a product. By thinking of the needs of the customer we can develop a product which completely satisfies their needs, and allows for maximum efficiency.

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