New Rotary Cutting Belt

Chiorino have been in business over 100 years, and it’s this experience that sets us apart from other belt manufacturers. A huge number of our staff have first-hand experience in working on the production line in factories of all kinds, which gives us an insight that few other organisations have.

We know that when processing high volume goods every second gained gives you a huge advantage. This is why we sat down and developed a new Rotary Cutting Belt.

Belts that pass under blades have to deal with stressors that aren’t usually placed on belts, and therefore have to have unique properties. Then to be effective they have to have those properties tweaked and refined.

When developing this belt we wanted to find the optimum balance between friction and release. This means that the dough sticks to the belt for security, but does not cling when the blades cut. This leads to more precise cutting, and less waste.

The specialist materiel we use is also highly resilient to damage. So much so that it has the same mechanical properties of a two ply belt, even though it is only a single ply. This leads to a longer service life and a reduced downtime, thus reducing costs even further.

Chiorino are always refining, developing and perfecting our products. We try and put ourselves in the place of the end user, and think about the technical requirements that they have.

If you would like to learn more about the products and services that Chiorino supply then just give us a call on 01977 691 880.