Chiorino Receives Visitors to Discuss HP Compact Drive

At all times Chiorino operates with the client in mind. This is from our customer services department, through the sales team and all the way down the roots of the organisation – product development.

Because of this client driven focus when we are developing new products we always make sure that we think about how it will be used. We don’t create products that will work well under perfect circumstances, we just develop products that work well.

It was this real world development that lead us to create the HP Compact Drive.

We found from speaking with clients that when repeatedly washed and dried, which belts used in food processing constantly are, most belts begin to crack and split. These cracks and splits are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

In the food industry, where hygiene is the most important factor, this is far from ideal.

The material that is used to make the HP Compact Drive is resistant to cracking and splitting, meaning that it will have a much longer working life than other belts.

Most people probably won’t be aware but Chiorino were originally founded in Italy. Our HP Compact Drive is set to revolutionise belting in the food industry, this is why a few key members of staff are soon to come over to the UK facility to receive specialist training on the HP Compact Drive belt.

To find out more about this belt, or about any of our belts just give us a call on 01977 691 880.