Potato Producer Chooses Chiorino

A large scale potato producer has decided to use Chiorino belts in one of the most demanding sections of the production facility.

Our HP blue conveyor belts will be used in the Primary Process (wet section) transporting peeled and unpeeled potatoes. And they will also be used in the secondary process, which is transporting potatoes and packaging.

Our HP belts are quickly gaining a reputation for their excellent properties, which include:

  • No colouring of the blue pigment into the product
  • No migration of the belt
  • No delaminating of the belts
  • Increase of life time of the belts
  • Absolute food safe solution guaranteed by declaration of compliances and traceability of our products from production to finished belt.

The robust nature of these belts lend themselves perfectly to the food industry as they can be regularly cleaned with very little wear on the belt itself. They also feature a unique fastening system that allows them to be removed quickly and with ease, allowing for deep and thorough cleaning.

To find out about our HP belts give us a call on 01977 691 880.