Large Crisp Producer Switches Over to HP Conveyor Belts.

Chiorino were approached by a client as they had some very specific requirements for their belts. Being a crisp manufacturer they required their belts to be able to handle a large quantity of heated sunflower oil. The oil will be heated to 40C and by being warmer than usual introduces a new range of issues which the belt and machinery have to cope with.

Also, due to the nature of this particular form of food production the belt will require frequent wash downs. By opting for a HP Belt our client can be assured that the belt is tough enough to withstand frequent thorough wash downs with little to no belt degradation.

Also, we know the demands of our clients and so went on to develop a unique fastening system for our HP Belts. This fastening system is quick and easy to use, allowing for easy removal and replacement. This is essential for belts that require frequent deep cleans, while minimising down times.

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