Chocolate Manufacturer Uses Chiorino Belts

A chocolate manufacturer has seen a reduction in the waste of raw material because of the unique properties of the Chiorinio HP belt. Chocolate production has some unique challenges which requires specific characteristics from the belts used. Thankfully the HP Belt from Chiorino lends itself perfectly to this industry.

One of the best characteristics of the HP Compact belt is its resistance to cleaning. This is paramount in the food industry where hygiene is one of the most important factors. Because of this emphasis on hygiene regular and thorough cleaning must take place.

If the belts that are being used are of poor quality then they will not be able to withstand regular cleaning. They will begin to wear, which will make them ineffective. If they break down they will then become unsafe, and there is a risk on contamination.

This will then lead to the belt needing to be replaced. Obviously doing so will take time and cost money.

By using the HP compact belt you can avoid these issues. I you would like to learn more just give us a call on 01977 691 880.