New Starter: Kirsty Nicholson

This month Chiorino are delighted to bring on board a new starter. Kirsty has joined Chiorino in the internal sales department, and she’s already proving to be an asset to the team.


Previously Kirsty has worked in a busy dispatch department, which involved dealing with both internal and external customers, in a fast paced environment. She will be bringing the experience gained in that role with her to Chiorino, which will obviously be of benefit to us.


Of course, Kirsty will go through a lengthy induction and training programme. This is so we can teach her about the products and services Chiorino offers, and enables her to give the best service possible.


We brought Kirsty in as we are going through a continued period of growth here at Chiorino. We have been operating since 1906, and we bring a level of expertise and experience that few in the industry can rival. We are proud to bring on team members like Kirsty, and we think she will be a fantastic addition to the family.