New Starter: Attila Novak

Chiorino recently brought on Attila to join us in our production department. Due to continued growth we needed to expand our team in order to keep up with the demands in a timescale we feel is acceptable.


Attila is a fully qualified engineer and will primarily work on the Gerber cutter in our production department. He has a huge amount of experience from previous roles working with CAD drawing, so in his case very little training was actually needed before he could fully operate the XY Plotter Gerber cutter. Though we still put him through a formal induction so he could learn about the company.


Since we set him loose on the production floor he has thoroughly learned what the Gerber machine is capable of, and is already improving on production efficiency and quality. We feel extremely lucky to have brought someone of this calibre on board. With his qualifications and experience we feel confident that he will continue to improve our operations, and ultimately help deliver better products to clients quicker than ever before.


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