New Recruit: Kurtis Walker

To balance out the loss of one of our experienced members of staff we have taken on some keen young blood. Kurtis Walker is the newest member of the Internal sales team. We sat down with Kurtis to try and learn a bit more about him.

How long have you worked at the company for?

I have worked for Chiorino for 2 Weeks now.

What does a typical work day consist of?

So far a typical working day for me consists of trying to learn as much as possible. Working in sales makes me the main contact between the customer and Chiorino, sending them quotes and confirm the orders that they require.

Which part of the role do you find the most enjoyable?

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing that I find enjoyable at the moment. I am enjoying the new challenge that Chiorino offers, this and amount of things there is to learn is exciting for me.

Favourite Chiorino product?

With having very limited experience within this industry, I find it very difficult to have a favourite Chiorino product. What I am looking forward to, is learning about the different products Chiorino has to offer.

How do you go about supporting your clients?

I will be supporting my clients by being approachable and make their needs my top priority.

Any sponsored charity work you are taking part in?

I am planning on taking part in Stoptober, which could be a struggle with two kids under the age of 5 living with me.

Any interesting hobbies / past times?

My main hobbies consist of playing sports. Rugby is the sport I am just starting to play again now I have joined Chiorino, it’s much easier to cope with having a broken leg now I’m sat behind a desk.