Products for the confectionery industry

Confectionery manufacturing and packaging can be a challenging environment for conveying or belting, but with Chiorino’s impressive product portfolio, we have had many successes in this particular business sector.

Possessing a line of HACCP conveyor and process belts that are complimented by the HP, Dehesive, EL and MF ranges, we can help in all application areas. This even includes the most demanding of production environments.

If you therefore have issues surrounding belt life, fibre contamination, positioning of products, stickiness, cleanability, temperature resistance (high or low) and/or transfer between conveyors, please do feel free to get in touch.

In looking further than solely the belt itself, we engage with our customers to fully understand their individual requirements and provide the best possible outcome, which generally speaking is optimal performance.

Just one key reason as to why our HP belts work so well, for instance, is their extraordinary resistance to cleaning regimes. Because of the clean-in-place method, the materials do not suffer from deterioration and can even outlast the most aggressive detergents.

Click here to view the HP brochure.

Conversely, do not hesitate to get directly in touch with someone from our UK head office by calling 01977 691 880 today.