The new folder gluer belts

By proposing products that are tailored to the customers’ needs, Chiorino is always keen to strengthen the diversity of what we can offer and the results they yield.

That is certainly the case with our new DU™ polyurethane folder gluer belts. Specifically designed for aseptic packagings for food and pharmaceutical use, they are EU and FDA food compliant and available with a polyester and polyamide traction core.

Their three key benefits and features are outlined below:

Long service life

Boasting an age resistant cover, this line of products has an excellent resistance to abrasions and tears, thereby ensuring a long service life. 

Less packaging waste

Due to the white polyurethane surface not marking the paper, our new folder gluer belts guarantee less wastage.

Ideal for aseptic packagings

Coming complete with a food compliant cover, the range maintains sterility and is therefore perfect for aseptic packaging use.

For additional information, please watch the corresponding video below:

When it comes to the packaging industry, we offer conveyor belts for check-weighers, vertical form-fill sealers, accumulation and inclined belts, packaging machines with thermo-retractable films and labelling and capping machines.

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