Meet Paul Stringer, Production Operative at Chiorino UK

Covering the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland from our branches in Featherstone, Surrey, Birmingham and Northumberland, Chiorino UK now has over 50 employees. Each month we will be taking the time to get to know these a bit more:

How long have you been working at Chiorino UK for now?

Six years.

Can you summarise your typical working day?

As I’m not in a specific department, I usually have a variety of tasks that are given to me by supervisors.

What in your opinion are the three most important traits for a Chiorino UK Production Operative to have?

I’d say desire, commitment and willingness.

Is there a main goal that you want to achieve whilst working here?

Upon joining the company as an apprentice I wanted to become fully qualified in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve recently managed to do that, which is definitely my biggest professional achievement so far.

And finally, what is your favourite product of ours and why? 

Predominantly because it’s so different to anything else we produce, I’d go with the SILON range.