Chiorino UK help client in the hygiene paper sector

Such is the nature of the core-winding application in the hygiene paper sector, belts are inevitably subjected to tremendous stresses and aggressive wear. As evidenced in a particular client case, though this is an often difficult issue, Chiorino UK fortunately has the products and expertise to alleviate it.

Shortly after the customer came to us to help with the problem, our HS rubber covers and polyamide traction cores demonstrated considerable savings through longevity and downtime reduction.

Thanks to a high abrasion resistance, excellent resilience and many more factors, belt life can in some cases be double that of our competitors.

The advantages of Chiorino’s HS elastomer covers are touched on in a bit more detail here:

High abrasion resistance

Our unique HS friction covers provide an improved level of abrasion resistance and a uniform coefficient of friction over time.

Excellent resilience 

They have the ability to perform with low elongation properties but with standing considerable forces being transferred through the belt. 

Long service life

As a result of their low ageing properties, the rubber covers retain an impressively long service life.

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